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What Kind Of Essay Is The Whistle

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Whistle Blowing

Mistakes are common errors that human beings commit. These mistakes make them not to be perfect. Despite striving to maintain their conduct, they commit these mistakes unknowingly and in other cases with an emotive aim (Neill, 2005). These mistakes are common in organizations and as well in the government. In most cases these mistakes and misconducts that happen in organizations are never reported. This makes the organization and its workers to remain committing the same mistakes.

Whistle blowing is an act that is important in exposing these misconducts in any organization (Alford, 2001). It involves an individual working in the organization and as well a government department to reveal these misconducts in the organizations to the general public. Whistleblowing may also be termed as disclosure by organization members about matters of ‘public interest’ that is, suspected or alleged wrongdoing that affects more than the personal or private interests of the person making the disclosure. Disclosing these illegal acts in an organization gives room for justice to be met (Neill, 2005).

As is with the Newton’s second law; ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This implies that after the mistakes are committed, those involved in the act are bound to some consequences imposed to their actions (Neill, 2005). Thus, good and honorable acts are often praised and criminal deeds are frequently punished. Nowadays, in nearly all societies, governments set the law for which the citizens must follow (Alford, 2001).

Despite whistle blowers taking the responsibility of revealing of misconducts in any given organization, they are faced by challenges and life threats from their colleagues and as well owners of the organization. It remains the role of the government to ensure that these individuals are protected from their employers and workmates (Neill, 2005). The essay will focus on issues regarding whistle blowing.

Despite whistle-blowing being an important act in any organization, there is different perception towards it. This ranges from the public to individuals and as well the corporate staffs in the organization. As to the whistle blowers themselves they face challenges once they agree to reveal the misconducts in the organizations. These challenges range from life threats and as being sacked from their current jobs (Neill, 2005). Employers consider this act as betrayal as the workers reveal the secrets of the organization (Alford, 2001).

On the other hand, the act is viewed differently by their public. Considering that whistle blowing is aimed at revealing the misconducts that are taking place in the organizations, once the public is aware of the illegal acts that happen in any organization, they are able to make appropriate decisions according to the role the organization played to them (Neill, 2005). The different perception towards whistle-blowing is mainly based on personal gains. In the case of employees, once these illegal mishandling are made aware to the public, trust that had been built in them would seize (Alford, 2001). This makes the employees consider the act as betrayal and highly condemn it. Nevertheless, there are some cases where some employees take advantage of the situation to act as whistle blowers yet they need the public attention to have their personal interests (Neill, 2005).

Comparing whistle-blowing to ethics, whistle blowers, who are involved in revealing the mishandling acts in the organizations, play a major role in enlightening the public on the happenings in any organization (Neill, 2005). They face threats from their employees. As to ethics, there are laws that are laid to ensure that these individuals are protected from any kind of exploitation from their employees. As a result, protection is one of the ethical issues that arise from whistle blowing (Alford, 2001).

As to many whistle blowers they are torn between the loyalty of their employers and their moral commitment to the law and their society (Neill, 2005). It becomes hard for the whistle blowers to decide whether to report the mishandling Environments under which they are put in influence their decisions in return degrading their responsibility to uphold just actions. However, once whistle blowers are determined in creating better working environments in their organizations, they take a step of revealing the mishandling and happening in the organization.

The media has created a bonding relationship with whistle blowers (Neill, 2005). This helps in giving an easier channel towards reporting the illegal happenings in the organization. For ethical issues, before giving in to the whistle blower, the media need to take measures to determine whether the allegations made by the individual are genuine and not based on personal interest (Alford, 2001).

On the other hand, in any organization, employers need take the advantage of presence of whistle blowers (Neill, 2005). This will enhance communication in the organization. It is through whistle blowing that communication is made effective in any organization. In ethical cases, business organizations need to use the whistle blowing reports inn a progressive manner (Alford, 2001). This is due to the fact that if the organization does not correct complains brought out by the whistle blower, it is liable to the relevant authorities (Alford, 2001).

In other cases, whistle blowing is considered as wrong. In organizations that require privacy in their dealings consider whistle blowing as betrayal (Neill, 2005). In cases where a whistle blower in a government security department informs terrorists about the happenings in the security department makes it wrong. In such a case, the individual is made to face the law as it is considered as breach of security (Neill, 2005).

Snowden, who is a former CIA employee and also a National Security Agency contractor, is a whistle blower who is held up in a dilemma. Having revealed some information to The Washington Post and Britain’s Guardian news organization, he has been held in detention at Hong Kong. This is after Obama administration pressed that he had to be detained. Snowden case is a dilemma as he did the act aiming at making the abuses happening on CIA known to the public.

In return, he has faced harsh consequences. Protection is one issue that arises from whistle blowing. However, Snowden can be considered to have breached the security. With CIA being a delicate department in US, he ought to have communicated the abuses to the leaders. Nevertheless, protecting whistleblowers is important in ensuring that abuses are minimized.

Sherron Watkins, who was Enron’s executive, alerted CEO Kenneth Lay to large-scale accounting irregularities. Later she was demoted from being an executive to a normal officer in the company. This contributed to her resigning from the company. Later the company collapsed with claims of regulatory indifference and complicity by auditors. Her act of not making it known to the public made her fail to play the exact role of a whistle blower. She had fear of losing her job as later she states that the company had executives who acted as dictators (Alford, 2001). Despite making attempts of playing the role of whistle blower, she did not use the right channel to reveal the handlings.

She just used an internal memo instead of making it known by the public. As with this second case, a whistle blower needs to use the right channel to reveal the mishandling in any organization. The right channel involves revealing the mishandling to the public (Alford, 2001). On the other hand protection needs to be made to the whistle blowers. As in the two cases, protection fails. Snowden is detained after playing the role of a whistle blower and Sherron is demoted after having revealing her fear to the CEO.

Concluding the essay, the two cases show individuals who have partly played the role of whistle blowers. Whistle blowing can be used to reveal corruptness of organizations. As with the case Snowden, CIA is believed to be a fair security department but considering the case, it proves the perception wrong. On the other hand, with Sherron, after the collapse, she reveals what had been happening in the organization. Whistle blowing is a tool that can be used to inform the public on some corruption deals that take place in organizations. However, despite whistle blowers playing that role of enlightening the public, they end up faced up by harsh consequences. Protection is one outcome of whistle blowing that needs to be put into consideration and practiced.


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The whistle essay by benjamin franklin

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The whistle essay by benjamin franklin

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