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Mcs 44 Solved Assignment 2013-14

Hello Friends ! IGNOU MCA Assignments for session July-January-2015-16 have been announced for 1st Sem, 2nd Sem, 3rd Sem, 4th Sem and 5th Semester .

Now you can download these unsolved assignments and from below given links . We will post all the solved assignments very soon in our site .

IGNOU MCA Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details

• First Semester Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details : 

1 – Problem Solving and Programming (MCS-011)
2 – Computer Organisation and Assembly Language (MCS-012)
3 – Discrete Mathematics (MCS-013)
4 – Systems Analysis and Design (MCS-014)
5 – Communication Skills (MCS-015)
6 – Internet Concepts and Web Design (MCSL-016)
7 – C and Assembly Language Programming (MCSL-017)

Download all First Semester Assignments for July-January-2015-16

• Second Semester Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details :

1 – Data and File Structures (MCS-021)
2- Operating System Concepts (MCS-022)
3 – Introduction to Database Management Systems (MCS-023)
4 – Object Oriented Technologies and Java (MCS-024)
5 – Lab Course (MCS-025)

Download all Second Semester Assignments for July-January-2015-16

• Third Semester Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details : 

1 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms ( MCS-031 )
2 – Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( MCS-032 )
3 – Advanced Discrete Mathematics ( MCS-033 )
4 – Software Engineering ( MCS-034 )
5 – Accountancy and Financial Management ( MCS-035 )
6 – Lab Course ( MCSL-036 )

Download all Third Semester Assignments for July-January-2015-16

• Fourth Semester Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details :

1 – Operating Systems (MCS-041)
2 – Data Communication and Computer Network (MCS-042)
3 – Advanced Database Management Systems (MCS-043)
4 – Mini Project (MCS-044)
5 – UNIX and DBMS LAB (MCSL-045)

Download all Fourth Semester Assignments for July-January-2015-16

• Fifth Semester Assignments July-January-2015-16 Details : 

1 – Advanced Internet Technologies ( MCS-051 )
2 – Principles of Management and Information Systems ( MCS-052 )
3 – Computer Graphics and Multimedia (MCS-053)
4 – Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge ( MCSE-003 )
5 – Numerical and Statistical Computing ( MCSE-004 )
6 – Parallel Computing ( MCSE-011 )
7 – Laboratory Course (MCSL-054)

Download all Fifth Semester Assignments for July-January-2015-16

Last Date of Assignments Submission :

For July 2015 Session – 31st October 2015
For January 20116 Session – 30th April 2016

Solved Assignments for all the Semesters will be added as soon as possible on site. Keep Checking .

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IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments 2017-18

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We have BCA solved assignments available for the following Courses :

1) IGNOU BCA First Semester Solved Assignments

  • FEG-02 Foundation course in English -2
  • ECO-01 Business Organization
  • BCS-011 Computer Basics and PC Software
  • BCS-012 Mathematics

2) IGNOU BCA Second Semester Solved Assignments

  • ECO-02 Accountancy-1
  • MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming
  • MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  • MCS-015 Communication Skills
  • MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics

3) IGNOU BCA Third Semester Solved Assignments

  • MCS-021 Data and File Structures
  • MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems
  • MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design
  • BCS-031 Programming in C++
  • BCSL-032 C++ Programming Lab
  • BCSL-033 Data and File Structures Lab
  • BCSL-034 DBMS Lab

4) IGNOU BCA Fourth Semester Solved Assignments

  • BCS-040 Statistical Techniques
  • MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  • BCS-041 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • BCS-042 Introduction to Algorithm Design
  • MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design

5) IGNOU BCA Fifth Semester Solved Assignments

  • BCS-051 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • BCS-052 Network Programming and Administration
  • BCS-053 Web Programming
  • BCS-054 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
  • BCS-055 Business Communication

6) IGNOU BCA Sixth Semester Solved Assignments

  • BCS-062 E-Commerce
  • MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
  • BCSP-064 Project Work

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