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Latex Harvard Bibliography Style Et Alia

Harvard BibTeX Style — 'et al' not italic in References

Postby dexterlemmer » Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:00 pm

My references and bibliography should be in the Harvard style. However, in references with many authors, the "et al" part should be in italics (but it isn't).

I'm using LyX v 2.0.0 and MikTeX v 2.9.
I've downloaded the style files (*.bst, for example agsm.bst) from all over and other requirements (such as harvard.sty) was downloaded automatically when LyX/LaTeX/PDFLaTeX/whatever detected they were missing.

I've tried most possible combinations of the following settings:
> Setting 1) Document class: Either article or article(AMS)
> Setting 2) I've also changed the citation style to be one of the following:
2.1) Natbib (Author-year)
2.2) Harvard
> Setting 3) Setting the style as one of the following: agsm, apsr, dcu, kluwer.

To choose setting 2.1:
2.1.1) Document > Settings: Bibliography: Citation Style: Choose Natbib
2.1.2) In the same dialog: Natbib style = Author-year
2.1.3) Document > Settings: LaTeX Preamble: <Empty>

To choose setting 2.2:
2.2.1) Document > Settings: Bibliography: Citation Style: Choose Default
2.2.2) Document > Settings: LaTeX Preamble:

Here is an example of my *.lyx file (with Setting 1= article(AMS), Setting 2=2.1 (Harvard) and Setting3= agsm):

Here's part of my bibtex file:
  1. % This file was created with JabRef 2.6.
  2. @ARTICLE{Delalandre.etal2010,
  3. author = {Mathieu Delalandre and Ernest Valveny and Tony Pridmore and Dimosthenis
  4. title = {Generation of synthetic documents for performance evaluation of symbol
  5. recognition \& spotting systems},
  6. journal = {International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition},
  7. timestamp = {2011.05.25},
  8. url = {}

There should be no need to edit a file manually to have the desired number of authors before 'et al.' in either the citations or the bibliography/reference list.

The number of authors listed in citations and the bibliography is managed by the bibliography style. For example, using the APA style (which requires up to the first six authors before 'et al.' for book references in the bibliography):



output (not formatted, just the text from the )

Found in (Man et al., 2025).


Man, A., Woman, A., Man, S., Man, T., Man, F., Woman, S., et al. (2025). This book. Men & Women.

You would need to identify an appropriate style, usually provided by the publisher if they accept contributions produced using (Any)TeX or from the pre-configured styles available, or you could produce your own if the requirement is sufficiently important. If you want suggestions for possible styles it would help if you said which style you are currently using and the changes you want to achieve.

To give an example of a different style using the same file but with the bibliography style changed:

This style produces (again, just the text from the ):

Found in [MWM+ 25].


[MWM+ 25] A. Man, A. Woman, Second Man, Third Man, Fourth Man, Second Woman, Third Woman, Fourth Woman, and Fifth Man. This book. Men & Women, 2025.

This does not truncate the number of authors in the bibliography at all (unlike the first example using the APA style).