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Battlefield 4 Collectibles & Assignments Guide

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There are several collectibles throughout the single player campaign. These are both weapons and dog tags. Weapons can be found through exploration (hidden throughout the missions) or taken from an enemy after you've killed him. This guide will show you the locations of all the hidden dog tags and weapons in each mission as well as list which enemy dropped collectible weapons are available in each mission.

You can view how many collectibles you've found in the mission select screen or by hitting pause while in game (does not show weapons earned by taking them from a dead enemy or dog tags earned for each of the three endings). Also, starting weapons are not counted towards collectibles. There are a total of 48 collectibles.

22 Dog Tags (19 collectible plus one for each of the three endings)
26 Weapons (16 from exploration collectibles; 10 dropped from enemies)

Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign

Full arsenal
Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign

Here's a Complete video of all 7 mission's collectibles

Battlefield 4 - ALL Collectibles (Dog Tags & Weapons) EVERY Mission - All 7 - YouTube

Chapter Direct Links
Full Campaign Walkthrough Playlist

Each mission in the single player campaign has an assignment that awards you bronze, silver or gold based on your total points scored in a mission. The best way to get a higher score is to get multi kills. This is for killing more than one enemy at the same time. Make good use of your grenades when you see two or more enemies in the same spot. If there is a ammo crate nearby, spam the grenades and keep replenishing your stock. The MGL is also a good weapon to use for Multi Kills. Each mission also has a trophy that you can earn from earning an even higher score than gold. These all will be listed below.

You can't see what scores you've achieved from within the game. You can check your scores through Battlelog. So if you're unsure of which missions you've earned gold on, you can check there. Of course, you'll want the score related trophies for each of the seven missions anyways, so just go for those and you won't have to worry about gold medals.

  • Enemy Down - Regular Kill
  • Headshot - Headshot Kill
  • Multi Kill - Kill 2 or more enemies
  • Adrenaline Kill - Kill an enemy while below 31% health
  • Melee Kill - Knife kill
  • Kill Streak - Streak increases if you kill an enemy within 3 seconds of the previous
    • 50 Points for each kill during the streak
  • Squad Kills - Squad AI gets the killl

With the exception of Squad Kills, kill point totals are in addition to the 100 base points you earn for the regular enemy down kill.

  • Collectibles are saved immediately and you can replay missions to acquire them. This means you can quit game after picking one up.
  • When you are near a dog tog, there will be an audible chime alerting you of their nearby presence
  • The stats on the pause screen might not be accurate. This appears to be just cosmetic and doesn't effect trophy progress
  • Full Arsenal may pop early. If it does, enjoy it.
  • There is an additional dog tag collectible earned for each of the three endings.
  • Mission Assignments can be done on easy. So don't worry to much about it on your hard playthrough.

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