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Laws Of Life Essay Contest Examples Of Cover

BBB honored the Laws of Life finalists at our annual banquet where finalists received their awards and presented their winning essays. Our winners below worked extremely hard, and BBB thanks them along with all those who participated in this year's Laws of Life Essay contest!

Honorees from the San Antonio Academy of Texas

First Place,
Rebecca Taylor, Basis San Antonio, My Law of Life, Positivity
Second Place, Peyton Randolph, San Antonio Academy, The Journey from There to Here
Third Place, Kimberly Macdonald, Keystone School, Change is Inevitable
Fourth Place, Andy De la Garza, Keystone School, Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone
Fourth Place, Jatin Gurrala, San Antonio Academy, What is Empathy?
Merit, Ella Best, Keystone, School, Sunny-Side Up
Merit, Emory Hill, San Antonio Academy, Listening
Merit, Karina Sauceda, Keystone School, Just Keep Going
Merit, Megan Riebe, Keystone School, Anthems, Tomatoes, and Big Red
Merit, Nicole Grater, Keystone School, Working for What You Want
Merit, Roan Erwin, San Antonio Academy, Stop and Smell the Flamingo-Pink Flowers
Merit ,Tatum Spriester, Keystone School, Inhaling Insanity
Merit, Walker Noble, San Antonio Academy, Brotherhood


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