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Tulane Essays 2012

Tulane University is committed to working towards climate neutrality. Since the 1990s, Tulane University has had a strong recycling program, and a full-time sustainability coordinator is focusing efforts on green building projects. In Fall 2012, both Weatherhead Hall, a residence hall, and the Hertz Center, an athletics practice facility, received LEED certification at the Gold level. Three other new construction and major renovation projects are registered with LEED, pursuing certification. In 2013, Flower Hall, a new chemical engineering building, and a major laboratory renovation in the J. Bennett Johnston building also received LEED certification. Off-campus, projects such the green, affordable homes designed and constructed by Tulane architecture students have advanced sustainable rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. Now in schematic design, the renovation of Richardson Memorial Hall, home of the Tulane School of Architecture, aims to preserve the historic integrity of the 1908 building. Architecture students will be involved throughout the design and construction process. Almost every school within the university offers an environmental major or focus. These include an environmental health sciences degree, an environmental science degree, an interdisciplinary environmental studies degree, and studios that focus on sustainable design in the School of Architecture. Required service-based courses (Tulane has a public service requirement for all students), internships, and independent studies provide students with opportunities for sustainability research. The university supports many transportation choices, providing a comprehensive shuttle service and 2,600 bicycle parking spaces on the Uptown campus. Student employees research and implement campus improvements to improve sustainability through the Office of Sustainability.

School Has Formal Sustainability Committee

Sustainability-focused degree available

School employs a sustainability officer

Public GHG inventory plan

% food budget spent on local/organic food

Free Or Reduced Price Transit Passes And/Or Free Campus Shuttle

Indoor And Secure Bike Storage, Shower Facilities, And Lockers For Bicycle Commuters

Reduced Parking Fees For Car And Van Poolers

Data provided by Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), STARS®, as of March, 2017.

Available Transportation Alternatives

Award Winning Student Writing 

The Purvis E. Boyette Memorial Award

The Purvis E. Boyette Memorial Award Fund was established as an endowed fund in 1988 through the generosity of friends and family of the late Professor Purvis E. Boyette. The income from this fund is to be used for prizes in a freshman English essay contest.

Purvis E. Boyette was an Associate Professor in the English Department at the time of his sudden death in 1987. Mr. and Mrs. Birdsong, parents of one of Professor Boyette's students, and his mother, Mrs. Lena W. Boyles, provided the seed money for this fund, which was added to by many others. This fund is actually the endowment for an award which had been made annually by the English Department for several years. The department faculty voted to name this prize the Purvis E. Boyette Memorial Award in honor of their highly-respected colleague, after his untimely death.

Spring 2017 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place - Quinn Anderson

2nd Place - Abigail Merrill

Past Winners

Fall 2016 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place - Luka Bair

2nd Place - Nicholas Genna

Spring 2016 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place - Madeleine Procopio

2nd Place - Hannah Craig

Fall 2015 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place - Hamilton Beard

2nd Place - Michelle Delaney

Spring 2015 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place – Anders Bright

2nd Place – Robbie Kaufman

Fall 2014 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place – Stevie Riley

2nd Place – Matthew Doane

Spring 2014 Boyette Prize Winners

1st Place - Kaitlin Bushkoff

2nd Place - Gracie Markland

Fall 2013

1st Place - Evan Cole

2nd Place - Sebastian Mueller

Spring 2013

1st Place - Daniel Etzioni

2nd Place - Caranina Palomino

Fall 2012

1st Place - Mysia Dye

2nd Place - Scott Spiegel

Spring 2012

1st Place - Ashley Richardon

2nd Place - Dayton Hunn

Fall 2011

1st Place - Carly Asher

2nd Place - Max Seidman

Spring 2011

1st Place - Nora Maria Fuller

2nd Place - Andrew Jones

Fall 2010

1st Place - Hokan Holmquist

2nd Place - Jessica Hatch

Spring 2010

1st Place - Jari Honora

2nd Place - Peter Tzioumis

Fall 2009

1st Place - Josh Micley

2nd Place - Emily Rodkin

Spring 2009

1st Place - Sarah Bobker

2nd Place - Lauren Vosseller

Fall 2008

1st Place - Andrew Goltzer

2nd Place - Abigail Readinger

Spring 2008

1st Place - James Tekkipe

2nd Place - Jennifer Marks

Fall 2007

1st Place - Logan Holzman

2nd Place - Reed Wendorf-French

Spring 2007

1st Place - Anna Whalen

2nd Place - Anna Whalen

Fall 2006

1st Place - Katherine Ellison

Spring 2006

1st Place - Carol MacDonald

2nd Place - Matt Dunham

Spring 2005

1st Place - Sarah Yazdian

2nd Place - Anna Cowan

Fall 2004

1st Place - Thomas Boothby

2nd Place - Arianna Dart